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TMJ Treatment Without Mouthguards

Mouthguard Free TMJ Pain Treatment is a major advance in TMJ Pain Treatment over the widely used TMJ Treatment that uses hard plastic mouthguards and nightguards.

In published studies documenting this TMJ Pain Treatment approach over the past 20 years, many common TMJ Symptoms can be successfully relieved in 1-3 months without the need for cumbersome and life-interfering plastic mouth appliances.

Mouthguard Lower

Advances in Computer-guided Bite Analysis has brought TMJ Pain Treatment forward to where, now a patient can have successful pain eliminating TMJ treatment without needing Mouthguards, NTIs, or any kind of Appliance.

The T-Scan III Occlusal Analysis technology, when synchronized with the BioPAK Electromyography Software (muscle firing measuring technology), can isolate and measure the key Bite Factors and muscle problems that are often the primary cause of TMJ Pain.

TENS Apparatus on TMJ Patient-resized-600.jpg

None of the key bite factors, or muscle problems, can be seen with the naked eye, or with dental articulating paper marks on teeth

Those bite factors are:

  • Excess molar tooth contact during chewing.
  • Prolonged milling time of all the molar teeth during chewing.
  • The degree of overall force imbalance in a TMJ Patient’s bite.
  • Excess muscle contractions resultant from the prolonged milling of the molar teeth.

Once these bite and muscle problems are found present in a TMJ patient’s occlusion, T-Scan III computer-guided bite treatment can be performed to precisely remove these causative, problematic bite issues that are the primary cause of TMJ Pain. The muscular improvements can often be seen in the same appointment that treatment is rendered to a TMJ patient.

Pre op and Post op EMG2-resized-600.jpg

This computer-based TMJ Pain Treatment has been studied, verified, and deemed highly effective in numerous peer reviewed dental journal publications since the early 1990s.

Go to Dr. Robert Kerstein’s Manuscript page to see the impressive list of publications on “Disclusion Time Reduction”. This TMJ Pain Treatment is so effective patients stop wearing mouthguards from the 1st day of treatment, even if they have been clenchers and grinders of their teeth.

Disclusion Time Reduction predictably stops the clenching and grinding so common in TMJ patients, so that now…

Many patients can now receive TMJ Pain treatment that eliminates the use of Acrylic Mouthguards and Nightguards, while at the same time, eliminating the TMJ pain from their lives once and for all.

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