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TMJ Patient Discusses Dr. Robert Kerstein’s TMJ Treatment Results

A recently treated TMJ patient describes her history of TMJ, and how she was quickly helped by recently undergoing Dr Robert Kerstein’s non-appliance TMJ treatment.

“Dr. Kerstein,

I wanted to write and thank you for nearly eliminating my TMJ pain.

To give a brief history, in 2003, I had an episode where I heard a ‘pop’ on one side of my jaw and had shooting pain. I saw a specialist who took an image and said that my cartilage disc had either slipped out of place or was completely worn away. This episode lasted about a month and eventually resolved on its own. I was prescribed a mouth guard to wear at night by my dentist in 2006 for grinding that I was unaware of.

My jaw never bothered me again until February 2013. After some dental work, my bite just felt ‘off’ despite attempts by my dentist to correct it. After this dental work, I experienced severe jaw pain, constant horrible headaches and my jaw muscles seemed to fatigue with every little bite. I was taking high doses of Advil every day and only eating very soft foods. I had an appointment with a prosthodontist who told me I would have to wear mouth splints 24/7 and eventually need braces (which I had already had as a teenager). I went ahead with this mouth splint plan and found no relief.

In April 2013, I came across Dr. Kerstein and went in for a consultation. I found him to be extremely knowledgeable and compassionate. He explained the T-scan technology and how it could help with my bite. He spent a great deal of time answering my questions and we discussed how wearing the splints would not solve my problem. During my first appointment Dr. Kerstein analyzed my bite and found that it was significantly imbalanced and I was having muscle spasms. After he adjusted my bite I felt some immediate relief. In two subsequent appointments, he again adjusted my bite. Now in June, I feel 95% better.

I am so grateful I came across Dr. Kerstein! As a sufferer of other chronic pain conditions I was really worried this was going to turn in to a long -term problem, but because of Dr. Kerstein it has not. I cannot thank him enough. I would encourage anyone who has TMJ issues to be treated by him.

Sincerely, Kim Olszewski”

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