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Newton TMJ Patient Describes Her TMJ Pain Treatment Success

Read below the words of a 16 year-old TMJ and Headache patient, that was recently treated by Dr Robert Kerstein and his Computerized Occlusion TMJ Pain Treatment.

“Over the course of the last two years I have woken up with headaches and pain in my jaw at least 3 times a week. The pain would continue throughout the day and would be aggravated with the onset of stress. I constantly took Advil to help ease the pain, but it was clear that Advil could only temporarily lessen the pain and not solve the problem. I often had to take breaks during schoolwork to relax and hope that the pain would subside.

My mom then decided to bring me to Doctor Robert Kerstein, who specializes in the treatment of TMJ. After a series consultations and simple, pain free evaluations we decided the best option was to adjust my bite. I had been given the option to wear an appliance to alleviate the symptoms of TMJ, but we decided to solve the problem by adjusting my bite.

Doctor Kerstein’s advanced technology and knowledge of TMJ was a very effective combination. He was able to pinpoint the exact areas of my pain and determine the best ways to adjust my bite. The entire process took four visits within seven weeks and I have been pain free since the adjustment. This process was simple and extremely beneficial to me. As a 16-year-old student in high school, the stress levels are often high, and I no longer have to worry about daily headaches or a TMJ flare up thanks to Doctor Kerstein.

I recommend this treatment for anyone suffering from TMJ and am very grateful for Doctor Kerstein.

Emily Kaufman

Newton, MA”

Pre Treatment TScan III/EMG data shows Emily had very prolonged and excessive muscle firing caused by her occlusion (bottom right EMG pane). This is what created her symptoms of headache and TMJ pain.

Pre op Emily Kaufman-resized-600.jpg

Post Treatment on the same day Emily underwent Computerized Occlusion TMJ treatment. Note how much less muscle activity is present (bottom right EMG pane) after Dr Kerstein corrected her occlusal problems. This is why her headaches and TMJ pain was rapidly improved. Lowerr muscle activity results in rapidly reduced TMJ symptoms and headaches.

Post op Emily Kaufman-resized-600.jpg

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