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Boston TMJ Specialist Dr. Robert Kerstein answers Blog Comments about Occlusal Treatment and TMJ Disorder

Recent TMJ question from “Keith”:
“Aside from “TENS”, is there another natural way of relaxing jaw muscles? I’d love to know so I can share best practices, too.”

Response to Keith:
“Dear Keith:

TENS is NOT a physiologic way to relax your muscles. It is an external method similar to taking medications; the effect only last as long as the TENS is pulsing your muscles (a medication only works for as long as it is in your system). Then the TENS effect wears off because the true cause of tight muscles has not been properly treated

As described in the Blog post you read. TENS attempts to non-physiologically relax the muscles, but it can’t totally stop the tooth sockets from creating the excess muscle contractions. So its’ effects are usually limited at best, require constant repeated use, and never control what the true problem is.

The TRUE PROBLEM is Prolonged molar tooth contact… which can only be detected and treated accurately with the T-Scan III technology

By using the T scan technology to treat the prolonged molar tooth contact, a TMJ patient experiences internal (from within their own body) natural and physiologic muscle relaxation. The teeth no longer hyperfunction the muscles into a state of tension and tightness, and their muscles are relieved of the excess lactic acid, which relieves the symptoms of TMJ

I hope this helps you understand that physiologic relaxation can only occur if your occlusion is treated precisely with computer-guidance… dentists treating occlusion WITHOUT computer-guidance, are basically guessing at what bite issues to treat in a TMJ patient. Its very poor treatment for TMJ patients in light of the fact that computer technology is available that greatly improves the accuracy and precision of occlusal therapy for TMJ…

Please Read some of the other Blog Posts for more information and clarity on T Scan computer-guided precision occlusal treatment for TMJ problems.”

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