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A Dentists’ Thank You Letter Who Had Dr Kerstein’s TMJ Treatment

A letter from Dr Rudi Lantelme, a noted Andover Endodontist, who in April 2012, experienced Dr. Robert Kerstein’s Computer Guided Occlusal TMJ Treatment.

“Dear Robert,

I’d like to thank you for “my new bite”, which has made some dramatic differences in my daily life!

My last true and complete bite adjustment happened when I was a dental student, well over 35 years ago. Since that time I’ve had several night guards, and other occlusal appliances to compensate for my (nocturnal) clenching habits. These were only mildly successful, at best, which of course resulted in muscle fatigue, inappropriate occlusal wear, and inefficient chewing habits with periodic discomfort.

Since my 2 visits of occlusal treatment with you this past April, when you used Computerized Occlusal Analysis (T-Scan III, to perform Computer-guided bite treatment, I have felt some noticeable changes! My particular case, with a unilateral cross bite, provided some challenges, and yet you were very successful.

I now feel less tension and muscle fatigue in my jaws and with “my new bite”, and I feel a greater efficiency to my chewing!

The overall comfort level, especially when waking up in the morning without muscular tension is a tremendous improvement! And I have this relaxed feeling in the morning WITHOUT wearing a nightguard anymore. I have not needed one ever since you treated my occlusion with Computerized Occlusal Analysis technology.

Thank you for your help in relieving my distress and improving my dental health.

Warmest personal regards,


Rudolph L. Lantelme, DDS”

Below is Dr Lantelme’s Pre op T Scan III/EMG data. Note the high levels of muscle activity his bite was causing him (to the right of line C in the Muscle Data top right pane; bottom right pane shows EMG volume numerically). This is what caused him the tension and muscle fatigue, and morning jaw discomforts.

Pre Tx Rudy RT-resized-600.jpg

Post Tx the EMG levels drop significantlyPost Tx Rudy RT resized 600 after line C and disappear by line D in .5 seconds.

Post Tx Rudy RT-resized-600.jpg

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