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Bruxism and TMJ Treatment Results

Boston MA Prosthodontist Robert B. Kerstein DMD has treated TMJ facial pain, bruxism, and headache since 1989, by using occlusal adjustments with T Scan technology. The published research success rates of computer-guided occlusal treatment are extremely high, such that teeth pain, TMJ headache, teeth clenching, and mouthguard need, can all be drastically lessened by this revolutionary occlusal treatment.

Read for yourself below, the words from Dentists with TMJ problems, that sought out Dr. Kerstein in Boston, for him to perform his specific occlusal adjustment with the T Scan.

Dr. Gerald Rowe had popping TMJ joints and tooth pain on 2 molars prior to treatment:

“Dear Robert,
My left TMJ has stopped popping and I don’t grind my teeth any more. #’s 17 and 18 feel much better! Thanks! My posteriors seemed to be close enough that I could chew anything I wanted without any problem. If I chew gum my condyles seem to seat better and my molars come together to the point that I can feel natural occlusal pressure.”

Dr. Raza Jaffery of the United Kingdom had very tight jaw muscles, face pain, headaches, and was clenching his teeth frequently:

“Dear Robert,

Thank you for taking the time to personally write to me.
The most important thing is my intense heading and heavy feeling of tension and gritting of teeth has ceased.
My masseters feel soft and relaxed, the temple area feels different, but not sore. I had perceived friction in my bite to be normal, but now that there is less, things feel lighter, ok, great.
The best thing is no headaches!!”

And Dr. Jerry Middleton of California suffered with uncomfortable bite and poor occlusal balance:

“Hi Robert,

I want to thank you for a great presentation and for balancing my bite. My bite feels great! My bite feels so much more at home”.

This is what you too can experience (if you have TMJ problems) and choose to seek out Dr. Kerstein of Boston for your own TMJ computer-guided occlusal treatment.

And this TMJ treatment does not use Mouthguards, Bite Splints, or NTIs, just the T Scan.

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