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Boston Prosthodontist Treats TMJ Problems without Mouthguards

Mouthguard free TMJ pain treatment is a major advancement in TMJ Pain Treatment over the widely used TMJ Treatment that uses hard plastic mouthguards and nightguards.

The primary cause of TMJ is your bite, and how long in time your teeth rub against each other. Read on to understand the mechanism of TMJ Symptom Development

Jaw Muscle Pain is actually caused by the molar teeth, and can occur in a well-aligned bite (like one made with Braces), or in a not so well- aligned bite, where back teeth can be twisted or tipped into less than ideal alignment.

Not until the T Scan Computerized Occlusal Analysis System was developed in the 1980s, could Dentists really “see” the true cause of Jaw Muscle Pain (TMJ Pain). The T Scan detected fractions of seconds of excessive tooth contact that were not possible to see before its’ development. These prolonged fractions of seconds of molar tooth rubbing contact allow the molars to touch for too long, and compress their tooth socket nerve ending for too long, which activates excess muscle contractions in the jaw muscles.

The longer was the tooth rubbing during chewing or grinding, the longer time the socket nerve endings are compressed, and the longer time the Jaw Muscles are made to contract.

The patient’s teeth are then a constant source of excess muscle firing which causes excess lactic acid buildup within the Jaw Muscles which lead to the TMJ Pain and Symptoms.

This published diagram shows the cycle of muscular over firing (hyper contraction) isolated by Dr. Robert Kerstein

TMJ Pain Mechanism-resized-600.jpg

Because the T Scan can detect these prolonged tooth contacts, a Dentist can also see them, and then treat the prolonged tooth contact durations, by shortening the time the teeth rub down to very small durations (

TMJ Pain and symptoms go away within 1 month’s time once the lactic acid buildup is stopped.

And this TMJ Treatment is succesfully accomplished without mouthguards, appliances, deprogrammers, and/or NTIs.

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