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Wising Up on Wisdom Teeth

An Extracted Tooth

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Are wisdom teeth something that you can live with, or do they really need to be taken out? This is a great question that Back Bay Dental Care patients ask us on a frequent basis. Unfortunately, the answer is different from person to person!

Dental X-Rays Tell it All
The location of your wisdom teeth has a tremendous impact as to whether or not there will be room for them in your mouth. A panoramic x-ray will help us locate the position and angulation of your 3rd molars to determine their stage in the eruption process.

A Group of Extracted Teeth

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Your Oral Health is First Priority
Even if your wisdom teeth aren’t bothering you, they might be bothering your other teeth. When 3rd molars push into other teeth or only erupt partially, they can cause tooth decay and gum disease, which affects the teeth next to them. This would cause the health of other teeth to be jeopardized. If you’ve previously had orthodontic therapy, their pressure could also cause a relapse in crowding if they are not erupting straight into place. Removing your wisdom teeth is often a proactive option to delay the inevitable before other problems develop.

Sedation is an Excellent Option
Are you concerned with your comfort throughout the removal process? That’s not a problem! Back Bay Dental Care offers in-office sedation options that can help you feel as if you’re napping right through the entire appointment. We take your comfort very seriously and always put your needs first. Sedation wisdom teeth removals are something that we offer on a routine basis, and you’ll be in the best hands!

If you’re beginning to feel off-and-on pressure or discomfort around your wisdom teeth, or they are already erupted but difficult to keep clean, then it’s time to schedule an exam with Back Bay Dental Care.

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