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What are Invisible Braces?

Invisalign and Invisible BracesIf you’re like most prospective adult orthodontic patients, you want to know what your options are when it comes to a clear or invisible set of braces. Most likely, you’ve already heard of options like Invisalign and tooth colored brackets. But have you ever heard of lingual orthodontics? Probably not – because they’re as invisible as you can get!

Lingual Braces Nobody Can See

Lingual braces are the invisible alternative that isn’t visible when you talk or smile. Why? Because they’re tucked just behind the back of your teeth so that no one can see them. Unlike white brackets that may be noticeable up close, lingual braces are completely hidden.

Back Bay Dental recommends lingual braces when:

  • The patient is not a candidate for removable aligners
  • You want the most “invisible” option available
  • More precise tooth movement is necessary

A Customized Design

Because lingual braces are placed on the tongue side of your teeth, it’s important that they fit comfortably. Our Boston dentists work with a lab to create customized lingual braces that are custom fitted to each of your teeth. This minimizes any discomfort or irritation to the inside of your mouth.

Are There Any Concerns with Lingual Orthodontics?

When you opt for invisible braces, it’s important to have a dedicated home hygiene plan. This includes brushing thoroughly around your braces, flossing (or using a water flosser,) and possibly a supplemental fluoride. Regular cleanings help you prevent excess buildup and tooth decay during the process. You may want to schedule check-ups closer to every 3 months instead of 6, during the course of your treatment.

Find out if invisible lingual braces are the right option for you by calling our Boston office today. Back Bay Dental is happy to answer any of your questions. Convenient financing plans are available.

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