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Top 5 Reasons People Love Boston

If you already live here or have visited, we don’t need to tell you there’s plenty to love about Boston. In case you need a reminder, though, we’re presenting our list of the top five reasons people love our fine city in April of 2015. Beantown is in the midst of a renaissance in these areas:

  • Recreation
  • Fashion
  • Cocktails
  • Innovation
  • Music

Lawn on D is a work in progress. The in-flux installment, located by South Boston’s Convention and Exhibition Center, is a playground for adults. Games, snacks and drinks, and all kinds of entertainment allow grown-ups to let off steam in a socially acceptable way. The space is family-friendly, too; little ones have been spotted alongside wide-eyed adults ogling attractions like art installations and adult-sized swings that look like giant hoop earrings.

Bostonites haven’t always been known for their fashion sense, despite the existence of late local fashion icon Marilyn Riseman. Owner of the edgy Apogee fashion boutiques that first sprang to life on Newton Street, she inspired style mavens both young and old until her death in 2014. Although not everyone learned from — or cared to learn from — her stylish influence, the city is home to an expanded Chanel presence, a new store from Cocktail Drinks in Boston, MATiffany and Company, and an increasing number of other high-end retail destinations.

If there’s anything fashionable people love, it’s a well-constructed cocktail. The city offers these in abundance, and April is as good a time as any to give one a try. If you normally stick with your trusty craft beer or rarely stray from a favorite wine, consider the likes of the Shaddock. This elixir from mixing genius Josh Childs blends the aperitif Aperol, St. Germain liqueur, gin and lemon for a refreshing yet complex drink.

Music & treble clef in Boston, MAAlways a hub for innovation, Boston is home to some pretty exciting developments from the business and tech worlds. Nadeem Mazen is just one emerging talent, having made technology accessible in the form of the Central Square 3-D-printing space Danger!Awesome in 2011. In 2015, Mazen is a Cambridge city councillor focused on expanding affordable housing.

Boston is making equally big waves in the music world. Alumni of the Berklee School of Music are hitting the charts harder than ever. Betty Who opened for Katy Perry on several dates during her last tour, while Imagine Dragons have had a string of massive hits and Billboard Music Award nominations.

There’s so much to be proud of and excited about in Boston. Make April — and all of 2015 — even more exciting by supporting area businesses and artists and share your experience with our team below.


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