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Signature Boston Dishes

Boston is a great place to eat, especially in 2015. Although we love exploring the city’s many foodie destinations, sometimes we just have to forgo trendy new dishes for good, old-fashioned regional comfort foods. Whether you indulge at a local restaurant or make your own at home, enjoying these amazing recipes is a must this October.

  • New England clam chowder
  • Boston baked beans
  • Irish coffee

There’s nothing like a steaming bowl of clam “chowdah” to warm up a chilly October afternoon. And you’ll find no shortage of the hearty, delicious soup at Boston restaurants. While cooks in other locales may add tomatoes to their chowders or even use a broth base, Bostonians stick with starchy potatoes and pungent onions in their creamy version. Sample the classic starter at the country’s longest-running restaurant, Union Oyster House, or try it at one of countless other Boston culinary destinations.

Boston Clam Chowder from Union Oyster House in Boston, MA
In 2015, baked beans remain a staple in many American diets. If your experience with this comfort food is mainly with the grocery store deli variety found at summer cookouts, consider getting yourself to a Boston restaurant to experience it like it’s meant to be tasted. With roots in Native American cooking, Boston baked beans evolved into the sweeter dish we know today with the introduction of rum exporting here in the 18th century. Molasses was used in the production of the spirit, and locals began adding it to their beans. Pubs, steakhouses, burger joints, oyster bars and a host of other restaurants serve the sweet legumes as sides, giving you plenty of opportunities to try traditional Boston baked beans this October.

Baked Beans Signature Dish in Boston, MA

Irish coffee combines the best of both worlds: The soothing warmth of Irish whisky and the rich flavor of coffee. The additions of sugar and cream are icing on the cake. Whether you want a tasty nightcap or a warm drink to enjoy over conversation with a friend, you’ll find what you’re looking for around virtually any corner in Boston this October. Try it at Stoddard’s Fine Food and Ale, one of the Zagat guide’s top recommendations in Boston, or whip up this traditional recipe at home. You’ll find it as wonderfully welcoming in 2015 as it was over a century ago.

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