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Sedation Dentistry: A Fully-Customizable Experience

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Whether hesitation or phobia prevents you from going to the dentist, you are not alone. Over 100 million Americans experience some form of fear or anxiety about going to the dentist. With the advent of sedation dentistry, a patient’s entire relationship with their oral health is being reconstructed. In many cases, after patients have gone through sedation dentistry, they find they no longer need the special service and can move into regular appointments.

“I don’t like the dentist” is a sentiment that can be left in the past. Sedation dentists are breaking down stereotypes by creating an entirely new patient experience. Dr. Charles Sutera, a general dentist at Back Bay Dental Care, chose to pursue dental anesthesiology training because he realized that for a population of patients, barriers still existed that prevented them from achieving a beautiful smile.

“From the very start of my career my practice focused on comfort. We would offer anything the patients needed to create a comfortable atmosphere—from soothing sounds of waterfalls to video goggles. But for some patients I needed to expand the options in order to reassure them that they will never lose control of their ability to be comfortable. Sedation dentistry was the turning point that allowed me to treat all patients without any obstacles.”

In a completely custom- ized appointment, a patient has the support of a companion, a highly-trained sedation team, as well as detailed knowledge of every stage of the process. Methods of sedation varying from IV to oral administration are used to transition the patient into a heightened state of relaxation. Many patients even report feeling surprisingly rested after emerging from a sleep-like state post-treatment.

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A multi-specialty practice such as Back Bay Dental Care can even accomplish complicated procedures that normally proceed over successive visits. With sedation dentistry, busy patients who have neither the time nor tolerance for multiple long visits can be accommodated.

“Sedation dentistry has revolutionized the field of dentistry,” says Dr.Sutera. “It allows our practice to bypass anxiety, and to focus on the patients’ care and aesthetic goals. Our patients can comfortably achieve a smile which can become the focal point of success in their lives.”

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