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How to Handle an Unexpected Dental Emergency

Emergencies tend to happen at the most inconvenient time possible. Dental emergencies are no exception. But you don’t need to feel completely helpless. By equipping yourself in advance, you can be prepared to face a dental emergency.


Chipped Tooth Dental Emergency in Boston, MA

What if a Tooth is Knocked Out?

A dislodged tooth is not hopeless! Rinse the tooth with water, but don’t scrub it. If it is too difficult for you to put the tooth back in place, save it in a cup of milk or water with a little salt. Then, come see us as soon as possible!


A Dental Surgeon in Boston, MA

If You Have Lost a Filling or Crown

Check out your local drugstore for over-the-counter dental cements that help to numb sensitive spots and protect the exposed tooth. The cement could fill a hole in your tooth left by the filling, or it may be used to hold the crown in place. In either case, this is a temporary fix, and you should plan to visit our dentist as soon as possible to have your restoration repaired or updated.


Treating Soft Tissue Injuries

Your tongue, cheeks, and lips can fall victim to injury just as easily as teeth can. Keep gauze over the bleeding site and a cold compress on the outside of your face. Maintain firm but gentle pressure over the area. If the bleeding continues for much longer than 10 minutes, it is time to see us or visit the emergency room.

Dental emergencies can be very serious matters. The sooner you can get in to see us, the better your outcome is likely to be. Our team at Back Bay Dental Care is always at the ready to address your dental needs – planned, or otherwise! Before the next dental emergency can strike, contact us to learn more about the actions you can take to prevent emergencies from happening.

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