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How Does Diabetes Affect Your Oral Health

Did you know that diabetes and the health of your teeth go hand-in-hand? As time goes by, more research studies show the close relationship that both of these factors contribute toward one another. At Back Bay Dental, we see patients every day whose oral health suffers due to diabetes.

The worse off your blood sugar levels are, the greater the chances you have of suffering from gum disease. Likewise, poor oral health and gum infections are closely associated with uncontrolled diabetes. How does this happen? It starts by bacterial levels rising within the bloodstream due to poor oral hygiene. When one gets out of hand, the other does as well.

Prevention is the Best Medicine

Dental cleanings 3d diagramTo stop the cyclic effects that gum disease and diabetes have on one another, prevention is essential. Daily oral hygiene should consist of thorough flossing in order to remove plaque deposits that form below gumlines between the teeth. Even if bleeding is present, you must continue flossing in order to achieve any improvement. Within a few weeks, no bleeding should be evident. The same can be said for gentle brushing along the gumlines.

A Helping Hand

Plaque buildup and cavities on teethMaintenance cleanings can remove plaque and tartar deposits that get missed or are in hard to reach areas. For most people, a dental cleaning is only needed every 6 months. Advanced gum disease may require more frequent visits or a deep cleaning to stabilize the oral environment. With dedicated maintenance, you can completely eliminate periodontal disease from your life.

Don’t let gum disease cause you to lose control of your health. If you are a diabetic, let Back Bay Dental Group help you control the spiraling condition of diabetes and gum disease before you lose your smile completely. Call us today to book a preventive care visit and get back on the right path to a stronger smile and a healthier life.

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