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Get the Smile You’ve Always Wanted!

Back Bay Dental Care provides all inclusive general dentistry services, but we also offer a range of cosmetic services to help you achieve the radiant smile you’ve dreamt about. Here at Back Bay, we strive to work personally with patients in order to help them reach their dentistry goals. Since choosing the right procedure is crucial to accommodate a client’s needs, here is a list of cosmetic services that we offer and brief description of the service.
Light Activated Bleaching:
Zoom and Britesmile are both effective in-office methods for teeth whitening. They both require a one-time visit in which a whitening agent is applied to teeth and then exposed to blue light which activates the agent, allowing years of staining to be removed in as little as one hour. These are both superior options to drug store whitening kits as those kits are not tailored to your unique dental structure and often cause discomfort to the gums and sensitive tooth areas. There is a 48 hour period following light activated bleaching in which densely pigmented food and drink may not be consumed due to enlarged pore size in your teeth.
Tray Bleaching:
We will custom fit a mold to your teeth that can be used every 2-3 months to either maintain an in office whitening or to slowly whiten your teeth over time. Given the molded fit of these trays, bleaching gel is evenly dispersed over your teeth, providing more effective results while keeping the gel off your sensitive gum region. We advise patients to not over use these trays as they can cause demineralization of the tooth leading to sensitivity and possibly decay.
Composite Bonding:
Composite bonding is an excellent option for small chips, cracks and gaps in teeth. It is a cost effective alternative to veneering or implants and can often be done in one visit.
Veneers have come a long way since they were first introduced in the 1930’s when they were used exclusively as a temporary smile enhancement for Hollywood actors. We offer Lumineers (porcelain) which can be bonded over current teeth in as little as two visits! Lumineers can make that perfect smile you desire without any shaping or modification of your current teeth. Alternatively, our ceramic veneers are one of the best cosmetic dental options available; they are resistant to staining, long lasting and very natural looking.
Happy with the shape and color of your teeth, but never been comfortable with their straightness? Invisalign is an excellent alternative to traditional metal braces that can transform your smile in 3 months to 2 years- without ever having something permanently secured to your teeth! We craft a set of plastic retainers that are worn for two week periods to align your teeth. Although they work very well, we would not recommend Invisalign to patients with very crooked teeth or severe overbite.
Dental Implants:
Dental implants can be used to completely restructure a smile or simply replace a tooth that has become damaged or lost. We place a titanium rod in the jawbone then secure a very natural looking and strong crown to the rod. This is a surgical procedure that utilizes the natural structure of the previous tooth while preserving adjacent, healthy teeth.
Still not certain which procedure is the right one for you? We invite customers to call us at (617) 247-9966 so that we can craft a dental solution that will have you smiling from ear to ear!

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