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Do You Have Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea and sleep disordered breathing is something that affects your quality of sleep, as well as the quality of life you enjoy each day. Not only that, but your sleep partner is affected as well. Knowing the signs of sleep apnea can help Back Bay Dental Care seek treatments before severe health problems develop. Here are just a few things to look for if you suspect that you or someone in your family has sleep apnea:

You snore

Snoring means that there’s a blockage in your airway. This is often caused by a collapse of soft tissues in the mouth and back of the throat. This blockage can completely seal off the air, preventing oxygen from flowing at all. Back Bay Dental Care patients that choose to wear one of our sleep apnea prosthesis often see results the very first night.

You’re tired during the day

With sleep apnea, people constantly wake up all night long due to oxygen deprivation. This wake may only be light, and not a true wide-awake feeling that you suspect. However, it’s a subtle “wake” that happens repeatedly all night long and can keep a person from getting the quality of deep sleep that they need to function each day. You may begin to feel drowsy or simply not have enough energy for normal activities.

You’re developing medical problems

Although there are lots of reasons why we can experience health problems, sleep apnea is one of them. Problems like changes in appetite, reflux, depression, or high blood pressure may be indicating that you’re not getting enough quality sleep each night.

At Back Bay Dental Care we can help patients treat or manage their sleep apnea symptoms. Our non-invasive therapies help patients sleep naturally and benefit from increased airflow. Schedule a visit with Back Bay Dental Care to find out how we can start helping you and your loved ones sleep better in no time.

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